Top 10 ACE Diet Pills Side Effects

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ACE is a popular weight loss supplement whose abbreviations stand for Appetite Control and Energy to depict the role of the supplement in enhancing basal energy levels. According to its manufactures, ACE can help keep your appetite in check in addition to improving your energy levels.

The pills are said to have an incredible capacity to prop up weight loss by reducing your appetite. It is said that unlike other weight loss

pills that greatly undermine your energy levels ACE pills uphold sound and adequate energy so that you can

go on with your daily activities without feeling weak or fatigued. However, despite all these positive attributes

this weight loss supplements have a good number of pit falls. Here’s a comprehensive look at the top 10 ACE

diet pills side effects.

Top 10 ACE Diet Pills Side Effects

10. Difficulty in Breathing

It has been noted with great concern that ACE diet pills are laced with harmful chemicals substances that

can bring tremendous health complication to the user in the long term. Phenylethylamine HCL contained in

this weight loss supplement has been sighted to cause harm to the breathing system leading to difficulty in

breathing. Once this chemical gets into the blood, it slows down the rate at which the oxygen carrying red

blood cells move around the body which effectively means shortage of oxygen supply hence difficulty in


9. Potential Dehydration

Your body is at a risk of potential dehydration if you are using ACE weight loss pills. One of the users was

quoted saying that she gets excessively thirsty after taking these pills. She is reported to have an awful

feeling and doesn’t seem to quench her thirst no matter how many glasses of water she takes. According to

the user, the feeling sets in pretty fast, moments after taking the pills. It is therefore correct to state that if

you take these pills in an environment where you can’t access enough water, you might end up being


8. Loss of Appetite

While ACE is designed to help lower your appetite which eventually leads to weight loss, there have been

reports that it leads to a massive loss of appetite. Its not in dispute that a reduction in your appetite levels will ensure you drop off some pounds, but the levels at which ACE makes you lose your appetite might end up

ensure you drop off some pounds, but the levels at which ACE makes you lose your appetite might end up

leaving you skinny and starved instead! Some users say that you have to take a day off from ACE so that

you can have a “normal day” of eating.

7. Stomach Issues            

ACE contains chemicals that act as fatty tissue blockers. As the fatty tissue blockers get rid of excess fats

through the intestinal tracts, they tend to set in motion uneasy cramping, gas production not to mention

looseness of the bowels. This means that the user may suffer gastrointestinal consequences. This is mostly

experienced if you fail to take the ACE pill first thing in the morning. The stomach issues are more prevalent

when you fail to commit yourself to a regular routine.

6. Headaches

One of the most wide spread side effect that comes as a result of using these weight loss supplements is

severe headaches with some selected cases where migraines have been reported. Health experts attribute

this to the presence of a harmful chemical known as Pyridoxine in the pills. Severe headaches can lead to loss

of memory, lack of sleep and restlessness as well You may be forced to use other remedies to contain the

headaches which might not auger well with your overall health.

5. Risk of Addiction

These weight loss supplements are laced with amphetamines, anti anxiety drugs in addition to

antidepressants. Doctors say that these components are not only dangerous to human health but they are

also highly addictive. The quest to lose some extra pounds might turn out to be a total dependency on the

weight loss pills. An addiction may lead to dire health complications that might be very expensive to treat in

the long run. To minimize chances of becoming addicted, it is recommended you stick to the daily dose. Avoid

taking more pills than prescribed.

4. Numbness in the Legs and Arms

ACE has 8mg OF Vitamin B6. What most users don’t know is that this is 400% of the recommended daily

amount. When you take in excess amounts of Vitamin B6 you are most likely to cause damage to the nerve

system in the arms and legs. According to doctors this neuropathy cannot be restored unless you stop the

use of supplementation. It is recommended that you take up to a maximum of 100 mg of Vitamin B6 on a

daily basis since is the highest intake your body can tolerate.

3. Liver Damage

Spirulina,a blue green algae is another component of ACE weight loss pills. Be cautious if you have an auto

immune disease as it may lead to your system becoming more active. If spirulina is contaminated with

harmful bacteria, micro cystins or toxic metals the effects could be dire to even contemplate. Contaminated

blue green algae can adversely damage your liver. It can also trigger shock, weakness, rapid heart beat,

nausea and thirst. Unless you are very certain that you don’t have any of the mentioned health problems, you

may have to look for other weight loss measures other than ACE diet pills if you suffer from auto immune


2. Kidney Failure

ACE contains some chromium, geranium and a trace mineral called vanadium. Geranium can lead to allergic

reactions so be cautious if you are allergic to it Geranium presence in the body can lead to kidney failure with

some other the serious adverse reactions being nausea, heart burn and diarrhea. Vanadium can cause a drop

in blood sugar levels, so you should completely stay away from ACE diet pills if you are diabetic. Chromium

may lead to anemia as well

1. Heart Attack and Stroke

Like previously stated the main component of these diet pills are stimulants. Stimulants have been found to

heighten the risk of stroke and heart attack. While this particular weight loss diet pill is obtained under

prescription levels, rarely does the prescription entail the risks that you may face as a result of using

stimulants. A stimulant like caffeine for instance can interact with a number of other drugs leading to serious

side effects that can even lead to loss of life due to abnormal heart rate.

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