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In this write-up, we’ll talk about the best lightweight vacuum cleaner in particular, as well as how these can help you finish your jobs much more easily and easily! We have actually also prepared a quick acquiring overview, so you can have a much better concept of what to expect in case you never ever acquired among these gadgets. Additionally, we’ve addressed a few of the most frequently asked questions by customers, completely step.

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Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 2020

Eureka – Power Speed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Originating from a company with a name that indicates the pleasure and value of new explorations as well as innovations, this Eureka upright hoover is a multi-surface-savvy cleansing device ideal for larger residences.

Even though ‘bagless’ vacuum cleaners are not actually popular for their big cylinder capabilities, this Eureka design appears to be an exception. Specifically, the canister of this version, in particular, is as huge if not larger than an ordinary container on a ‘bagless’ model, so you will not have to worry about clearing it every 5 mins.

One more department where this model ratings very would be the numerous accessories it features. There are a quick release manage as well as a stretchable hose pipe for offering you more room to work with. Additionally, this way you can reach places and surfaces you or else couldn’t. There are also a furniture device, a hole tool, in addition to a dusting brush, forever measure.


  • Lightweight as well as easy-to-handle.
  • Quick-release manage.
  • Dusting tool and also upholstery tool.
  • Extra-large dust cylinder.
  • Considers 10 lbs.


  • Not the best choice for difficult floors.
  • Quite loud.

VonHaus – 2-in-1 Corded Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Fancy possessing a vacuum cleaner which can be both an upright design AND ALSO a hand-held one at the same time? Well, if the answer is– of course, there is some great information below. Now you can, thanks to some smart style options coming our way from VonHaus!

Relying on whether you want to use it with the stick it includes, or you would certainly just like to take it in your own 2 hands to use it, this version can be either an upright cleaner or a hand-held one. (There’s a slider you can use to safeguard the stick and also attach it to the main cleaner build.).

At VonHaus, the developers did their homework when it comes to filtering. To make sure no allergens and other potentially health-threatening pollutants can be released right into the air you’re breathing, they saw to it to furnish this hoover with a HEPA filter that does an outstanding work of entrapping disgusting microorganisms and also microorganisms.


  • 2-in-1 layout for simpler handling.
  • HEPA filtration.
  • Quick-release power cord.
  • High-efficiency brush.


  • Some individuals have actually reported fast getting too hot.
  • Does not execute that well on tough floorings.

eufy – HomeVac Lightweight Cordless Upright-Style Vacuum Cleaner


cleaner is an item of cleaning modern technology that can make your life a lot easier when it comes to taking on tasks in the future.

As its name recommends, this version from eufy is cordless, implying that all the running power it has, it receives from a big 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery. As soon as completely charged up, among these vacuum cleaners can deliver up to 50 minutes of continual use.

This deal includes things such as an Air Conditioning power adapter, a wall place, a welcome overview for helping you learn the ropes of running this gizmo, after that there are various installing accessories, as well as lastly– a worry-free 15-month service warranty. And, certainly, you’ll get the hoover itself, as well!


  • Includes a big 2200 mAh Li-ion battery.
  • When completely charged, this model offers 50 minutes of continual usage.
  • Attributes a large, 0.9-liter dirt owner.
  • 15-month service warranty.


  • The maintenance can take a while (cleaning up the beater bar).
  • Some users have reported troubles with the rotating brush.

Bissell – Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum Purple


Purple in shade as well as having some quite intriguing features, this model from Bissell is a vacuum that can take care of every one of your house cleaning needs quickly and conveniently. In a similar way to the design from above, this specific hoover additionally features the supposed 2-in-1 layout.

If you wish to use it as an upright cleaner, simply affix the stay with the primary develop of this model and also licensed operator it around while walking around your apartment or house. On the other hand, if you favor to use the reduced version of it, just get rid of the stick, and also get the rest of this exceptional cleaning gizmo in your hand! (By doing this, you can navigate around tough-to-reach locations much more easily.).

When it concerns clearing this system once you’ve finished your cleansing jobs, the bargain couldn’t be easier. Given that this design is an instance of a ‘bagless’ vacuum cleaner, all you need to do is remove the dust container and chuck every one of its materials into a trash bin!


  • 2-in-1 portable as well as upright vacuum cleaner.
  • Convenient clearing thanks to the huge and also easy-to-remove canister.
  • Removable flooring nozzle.
  • Comes in three various shades.


  • Short power cord.
  • The unit itself can be as well small for some users.

Black & Decker – Light Weight Air Swivel


If you get on a hunt for a vacuum cleaner that looks as if it’s just dropped from an Alien vs. Killer film, this Black & Decker AIRSWIVEL design can be an excellent choice for you. As you can see from its name, this design has actually obtained swivel-based steering, so you can get to locations you previously could not more quickly and easily than in the past.

The dust cup capability is 2l in case you were wondering. This will suffice to aid you clean considerable areas in your house without having to empty it every 15 minutes or two. While we’re on the subject of maintenance, allow’s also state the filters, which are cleanable, so you will not need to get new ones every single time they get dirty. (Which they will certainly frequently.).

This model comes with a specialized family pet tool suitable for eliminating pet hairs, as well as a gap device and also a furniture device, too. The handle for steering has been made to be ergonomic for the user, so you can vacuum tidy for long term amount of times.


  • Swivel steering for very easy maneuverability.
  • Easy-to-empty dust cap.
  • Ergonomic take care of for easier handling.
  • Special pet dog attachment.


  • Some users have reported inadequate customer service experiences.
  • Relatively noisy.

Dyson – Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Incorporating powerful suction with a rather unconventional layout, this cordless Dyson version can be a wonderful remedy for a person in need of an alternate vacuuming service. In order to utilize this cheeky-looking contraption, you require to bill it up first, which is a process that takes approximately three and a half hrs.

After it’s fully billed, this cleaning utensil can compete approximately a hr! (Provided you only make use of the non-motorized tool the entire time. If you intend to use other modes, the running time will certainly go down rather.) For contrast’s purpose, in Suction mode I, you will have some 40 mins of functional time, while in Suction setting II, this will certainly be additional decreased to 20 minutes.

Considering that the battery lies in the cleansing big component near to the motor as well as the brushes, you can even get rid of the stick that gives it the range as well as utilize this Dyson version as a hand-held vacuum cleaner. This way you can grab dust and other pollutants in some or else hard-to-reach locations of your house.


  • An effective V10 electrical motor.
  • The long-running battery enables you to work for a hr without interruptions (In fundamental setting.).
  • Can be used as a hand-held model, as well.
  • Instantaneous launch trigger.
  • Advanced purification.


  • Running time decrease in more advanced modes.
  • Quite expensive.

Hoover – Wind Tunnel Bagless Upright Corded Vacuum Cleaner


Weighing in at just 12-ish pounds, this version from Hoover comes under the classification of light-weight vacuum. Thanks to its special WindTunnel modern technology developed by the designers at Hoover, this contraption can deal with even the most stubborn stains as well as messes on your floorings!

Mentioning the ‘WindTunnel’ technology, here’s how it operates in short: The combination of brushes and also powerful suction raises dust as well as dirt bits airborne where they obtain drawn into the dust bag at the end. By doing this, also the most difficult, most stubborn stains as well as pieces of rubbish can get de-clogged off your carpeting or other flooring surface area and after that removed from it promptly and also conveniently!

This certain model likewise delivers in the division of reach, despite the fact that it’s corded. To make up for the lack of general maneuverability, the folks at Hoover have actually determined to outfit this device with a long 30-foot cord.


  • Utilizes sophisticated ‘WindTunnel’ technology.
  • Includes a lengthy 30-foot power cord.
  • A powerful, 1200-Watt motor.
  • Quick-fit hose pipe for cleaning on various surfaces.
  • HEPA purification.


  • Some users have reported problems with the pipe.
  • The battery can begin shedding its power after some time.

Black & Decker – Ultra Lightweight AIRSWIVEL Upright Vacuum Cleaner


As our entry number eight, we’ve got one more Black & Decker version. This particular model functions approximately the same qualities as its relative, the only distinction being that this Black & Decker vacuum is rather lighter as well as features a different style.

Similarly to the version inhabiting the area number 5 on our checklist, this version additionally features the swivel guiding, allowing you to turn the stick together with the container in order to steer around furniture more easily.

The capability of this version is 2 liters, indicating you won’t need to clear the dust canister frequently. There’s additionally the ergonomic take care of below, too. So, virtually everything on this vacuum was made to make it easy to use, meaning you can cover a huge space in one go, without burning out prematurely on in the process.


  • Big cylinder capacity of 2 litres.
  • Swivel guiding for easier maneuvering.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Pet hair attachment.
  • Pet dog hair brush.
  • 3-in-1 gap device + a tiny brush.


  • Emptying the container can be a bit complicated at times.
  • Some individuals have reported inadequate suction because of obstructing.

Easy EDGE – Lightweight Hardwood Floors Sweeper Metallic Gold


What do you obtain when you combine a ray fish with a broomstick? This Easy EDGE floor sweeper obviously! As well as the thing is likewise covered in gold, permanently procedure. (Not real gold, it’s a just the shade.).

The idea behind this product is a basic and practical one. If you’re a person that wants to take great care of your carpets and floors but isn’t truly interested in purchasing a vacuum cleaner or you already have one, you can get a crossover between a flooring sweeper and a mop, as well as tidy your floors manually however in vogue!

Even though this contraption might not look as much, it’s really got a built-in dustpan, suggesting that you will not need to pick up debris and also pieces of dirt yourself. Incidentally, the means you grab items of rubbish and also dirt is by simply pushing this floor sweeper along the flooring.


  • Comes with an integrated dustpan.
  • Attributes 3 various brushes.
  • Manual procedure.
  • Easy to use.


  • Does not have a filter.
  • Limited sweeping possibility.

Holife – Stick and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


Last but not least, we have actually got a product that integrates the most effective features of corded and hand-held vacuum cleaners. Thanks to its removable stick, you can use this cleaning contraption either as a corded upright vacuum cleaner or as a hand-held design, depending on the kind of the cleaning job available.

When it involves the technology this version makes use of, you’ve got the well-known cyclonic vacuum cleaner system allowing you to swoop up and also vacuum even the most difficult of stains effortlessly. Also, there is a multi-layer filter that will make sure no potentially damaging irritants or various other pollutants can be located in the area you have actually simply cleaned up.

To allow you to work on a range of various surface areas, the folks at Holife made sure to consist of a number of dust-away accessories. There’s the floor brush, which is removable, the crevice device, in addition to a cleaning brush wherefore else?– picking up dust.


  • Swivel handle for much better handling.
  • Features various cleansing attachments.
  • Removable stick.
  • Cyclonic suction modern technology.
  • HEPA filter.


  • Can not reach under low-lying furniture.
  • Some individuals have reported problems with add-ons (They can obtain lost or even trapped if you’re not mindful.).

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