Bone Conduction Headphones – How to find?

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5 Essential Points to Try To Find Bone Conduction Headphones

Design as well as Convenience

All brands of Best Bone Conduction Headphones look remarkably comparable to a neckband that crosses your neck as well as two earpieces that sit just in front of your ears on your temporal bones.

Nonetheless, although they all look comparable, they do not necessarily fit the exact same. Ideally, this bone conduction headphone ought to fit easily on your face without feeling loosened or as well tight.

Silicone styles also often tend to be more comfy than those produced out of plastic.


Construction high quality matters a good deal if you are purchasing the bone conduction headphones to put on during sports.

Likewise, you might intend to consider getting a splash-resistant pair with a minimum of an IPX5 score if you are using them for sports purposes. Yet if you are searching for water-proof bone conduction headphones, we have several of those in the “Ideal Water-proof Earphones” guide.

Wireless or Wired

Cables are typically a big headache during sports. They hinder as well as come to be wrapped around points. If you intend to purchase cordless bone conduction earphones, then always take into consideration battery life and also connectivity.

You must focus on the connection variety as well as the Bluetooth signal high quality. Typically, most people are happy with a pair of earphones that offer at least 4 hrs of listening power.

Sound Quality

A bone transmission headphone is never going to sound the like a pair of typical over-ear and in-ear headphones. Among the challenges for bone conduction is that they have to reproduce the complete regularity variety (20 Hz to 20000Hz) that a human can hear. Completing this variety using resonance is not a very easy job and few companies have done it. Aftershokz is just one of those business.

So does Aftershokz’s bone transmission earphones audio outstanding? Not truly.

I will sum up their audio high quality as sufficient. Adequate for you to value music or podcast while keeping your ear totally free. Audiophile quality it is not, but it ain’t so terrible for individuals to trash it completely. Don’t anticipate thumping bass and intense treble. Anticipate forward mids to be its audio signature.

Lengthy story short, if you are looking for pure songs earphones, look away from bone transmission earphones.

Audio Leakage

Many people mistakenly presume that bone transmission earphones do not leakage sound due to the fact that they believe that no noise is truly produced, only vibrations.

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How Do Bone Transmission Earphones Work?

Most people recognize with common headphones as well as recognize extremely little about bone transmission headphones. The vital to understanding bone conduction headphones is to acquaint on your own with just how sound travel into our inner ear (cochlea).

The reality is that the bone conduction earphones do leak audio. It is not as poor as a set of open-back earphones though. This has a tendency to occur when the volume gets loud. If somebody is standing near you, they can certainly hear some audio leaks. Nevertheless, it is not to a degree where they listen to the music plainly.

Audio Traveling via Air

Noise can reach your internal ear using different networks. The most frequently recognized channel is air. The sound wave takes a trip from the sound source with the air to your outer ear, down to your middle ear as well as finally to your cochlea. As soon as in the cochlea, the sound is processed into a signal that is sent to your brain.

Audio Travel using Facial Bones

As you have actually seen from the previous area, as long as sound can reach your cochlea, you can technically hear it.

Exploits of the bone conduction headphones

Bone conduction earphones manipulate this theory by sending sound via a different course to the ear. It sends out vibrations with the bones in your face to the temporal bone. This temporal bone is the bone bordering the cochlea.

The vibration of the temporal bone triggers the cochlear fluid to move, which consequently sends signals to the auditory cortex where the sound is heard.

Bone conduction headphones: A lifesaver

Bone conduction technology is a lifesaver for people that are incapable to obtain cochlear implants because of outer ear damage. For individuals who require bone transmission to listen to, they would not precisely put on earphones constantly. That would certainly be as well troublesome.

Instead, they can select the course of surgically implanted help such as the Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA). WIth BAHA, a magnet is embedded just beneath the skin. An external microphone will obtain sound as well as send it to the magnet. The magnet will certainly after that send resonances via the skull, reaching the internal ear.

Are Bone Conduction Headphones Safer Than Standard Earphone?

No, bone conduction headphones are not safer than traditional headphones. That does not indicate that they are any more unsafe too. There is a great deal of incorrect marketing by consumers earphones brands around. They assert that because bone conduction headphones do not affect the eardrum to transmit noise, users can listen to music without ear damages. This is just not true.

An eardrum can not be damaged/perforated from listening to earphones or earphones. It just does not have actually the needed capability to do it. It is not the tympanum that we should stress over, it is the cochlear that we are worried about.

Both bone conduction headphones and conventional earphones can harm hearing if they are excessive used at an unnecessarily loud quantity.

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