Top 10 Best Snow and Ice Scrapers in 2015 Reviews

Are you in search for the right tool to remove ice and snow that accumulate on your windows, particularly on your car? An ice and snow scraper is the perfect handheld tool to use in keeping your windows clear and free from snow or ice this frosty season. Basically, these scrapers consists of a blade made of plastic or metal. There are also more advanced models that come with brushes for removing snow, and there are those with squeegees to quickly remove water once the ambient temperature is nearing the melting point. An alternative ice scraper would be one that has a special enclosure resembling a glove, which is useful in keeping your hands dry and warm as you scrape off ice.

Ice scrapers have a flat blade, although there are varieties with ridges that are excellent to use in breaking up sheets of ice. On the other hand, plastic blades typically have an intricate shape with finger-like components linked together. This is an outstanding tool to use on your car windows since it allows the blade to bend and flex, so you can clean windows with a slightly curved design. You can also use the finger-like structure in the blade to flip the scraper over and efficiently break up the thick ice. These complex designs on blades also help eliminate ice on curved glass areas on most vehicles.

If you are in the market for an effective tool to remove ice on windows, then these top 10 best snow and ice scraper brands can help you make an informed decision in choosing the right one for your needs.

10. Ice Master Brass Window Ice Scraper

This special ice scraper by Ice Master is an essential tool this winter season. It helps remove all types of frost and ice that form on your windows and windshield because of the four different configurations in this ice scraper. No matter how thick or ice the ice, this scraper can get rid of it easily. It comes with a four-blade position that lets the scraper perform well even in the worst conditions, and the rubber handle is slightly textured to prevent the tool from slipping with or without any gloves. Lastly, the blades are made of high-quality and non-abrasive brass.

9. Automotive Collapsible Double Blade Ice Scraper by Quirky Thor

Automotive Collapsible Double Blade Ice Scraper by Quirky Thor

This ice scraper comes with a collapsible design with double blades, and it is designed to keep your hands free for better leverage as you scrape off ice on your windshield. It has a dual-blade design that lets you scrape ice easily using a backward and forward motion. It also has a front handle that takes out the hassles in scraping with minimal force and strain. You can extend the telescoping arm for greater convenience in reaching distant areas, and the front plow is an excellent addition to this tool when you want to keep snow and ice off your gloves and hands. For quick storage, you can simply place this tool in the trunk or under your car seat.

8. Snow Joe SJBLZD Snow Broom with Ice Scraper

Got a problem with snow on your windshield or car windows? If so, then this tool is just the right one you need to push wet and heavy snow off the trunk, hood and roof of your car. This ice scraper also has a sturdy and molded head made of polyethylene foam that is freeze-resistant, non-abrasive, and durable enough to withstand wear and tear. The plastic face plate on the ice scraper is also high-impact, and it is recessed into the tool’s foam head to prevent any contact with your vehicle. Thus, there is nothing to worry about in terms of scratches or dents on your car as you eliminate snow and ice. The handle can be extended, and it has a maximum reach of 49 inches. It is very easy to extend the arm, so there is no strain or hassles on your part. You can use this snow broom and ice scraper by Snow Joe in reducing ice buildup on the windshield and other areas on your car.


7. Brass Blade Ice Scraper

You can use this ice scraper with brass blade for quick removal of frost and snow on your windows. Since it only measure 9 inches in length, it is not a hassle to place it neatly into your glove box. Furthermore, it has a blade made of brass that can efficiently cut through snow and thick ice. It is a breeze to use this elegant and high quality scraper, and it will never scratch or diminish the lovely appearance of glass.

6. X-Gear Solid Ice Scraper Mitts


The X-Gear ice scraper mitt is the perfect tool to use when you want to keep your hands protected from frost each time you scrape ice off the windshield or windows of your car. Indeed, it is the ultimate solution for your concerns with ice accumulation on windows during winter. This top-quality tool combines the chiseling and scraping functions of a regular ice scraper with the comfort the the fleece-lined mitt offers on your hands. By using this product, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to keeping your hands well-protected as you scrape off snow. You will also appreciate the tool’s blade with a custom-molded design, as well as dual ice chisels that are quite simple to use. What’s more, the plush fleece that line the mitts are very comfortable, and the outer fabric is water-resistant to keep moisture away from your hands.

5. Mallory 10-Inch Ice Scraper

What you will like about this ice scraper by Mallory is the comfortable grip with its textured handle. It is also simple to store this tool when not in use, and you can place it in the trunk or glove compartment of your car. This product is made of the finest materials, and the brand is known for its quality snow brooms, ice scrapers and snow brushes. In fact, this product has been manufacturing top-quality tools since 1900. You can rely on this reputable brand of U.S-made tools when it comes to durability, functionality and economical value.

4. Hopkins Bear Claw 10-Inch Ice Scraper


For decades, Hopkins has been leading winter tools such as ice and snow scrapers. It comes with wide blades that help you clear away thick frost with just a few strokes and minimal effort. In addition, you can use this ice scraper to get rid of the deepest and thickest snow that form on your vehicle. The design is also flat and compact, so there is no problem in storing this tool after use.

3. Dart Seasonal Products 38 to 62-Inch Telescopic Snow Brush with Ice Scraper


There is nothing to worry about in keeping your car free from ice with this snow brush that can extend up to 62 inches in length. It is equipped with an ice scraper that you can easily detach, as well as a 10-inch snow brush on the tool’s opposite side.

2. Hopkins Subzero Ice Crusher and Ice Scraper

Hopkins Subzero Ice Crusher and Ice Scraper
This winter tool is just the right one you need in keeping your car and windows clear and free from thick snow. It has a comfortable thumb and palm rest to reduce stress as you scrape off ice, and it measures 11 inches in length for excellent reach. The foam grip is also oval-shaped, which enhance your comfort in using the tool.

1. Sno Brum Snow Removal Tool with Telescoping Handle

Sno Brum Snow Removal Tool with Telescoping Handle
Sno Brum revolutionizes the way you remove snow away from your car with this brilliant tool to use during the chilly weather. It is perfect to use on your minivans or SUVs because of the telescoping handle that can quickly reach across the entire width of your windshield. With this tool, you can quickly push the heaviest and thickest snow off your car’s trunk, hood and roof without causing any dangers to the finish and paint of your automobile.

Choose the right ice and snow scraper for your needs by taking a look at the different features that these highly recommended products offer. This way, you have nothing to worry about this chilly season in keeping your windows free from ice and snow as you use these top-rated winter tools.